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Our Mission

To provide our clients with innovative, scientifically supported therapies to restore health and maintain wellness. Our goal is to enable clients to live healthy, successful lives through preventative therapies and complementary treatments of illness and imbalance.

Revolutionary new technology that offers dual treatment to address abdominal fat and muscle tone. It is the only procedure that helps patients build muscle and sculpt the body. In addition, Emsculpt NEO provides the world’s first non-invasive buttock toning treatment.
A breakthrough treatment for incontinence and intimate health. This unique technology provides a completely non-invasive option that strengthens pelvic floor muscles.

Live Well Spa was founded to provide clients unique, non-traditional therapies to support general health and well-being. We offer an environment to relax, maintain, and restore using a variety of treatments. 



I love the ability to have a private and more concentrated salt therapy session in a soothing and tranquil environment…
- Danika


I love using the Clear Light™ Infrared Sauna for my asthma and Lyme Disease. I get in it every other day and really feel the positive results.
- Amy


The Clear Light™ Infrared Sauna detoxes you and helps your skin. It helps me stay as young as I can, and speeds up my metabolism.
- Keesha


I fell in love with salt therapy from my very first session … the most rewarding part has been seeing the amazing improvements in ... respiratory health – all drug free! It is truly miraculous!
- Alex

Sweat it Out

In our private, full-spectrum infrared saunas which provide therapeutic qualities in a comfortable and private space.

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