Live Well Spa

Who We Are

Live Well Spa is a locally owned and operated health and wellness facility dedicated to offering clients unique therapies for increased well-being and general health. We are the first, and only, dedicated full-spectrum infrared sauna and dry-salt halotherapy facility located in the Mooresville area. Live Well Spa is the premier facility for those looking for alternative therapies for a variety of conditions.

Live Well Spa was founded to provide clients with unique, non-traditional therapies to support general health and well-being. Live Well Spa offers an environment to not only maintain and restore one’s physical health, but one’s mental health as well.

Our Name

“Live Well” incorporates a very important concept that we offer clients. We strive to offer clients an approach to health and well-being that emphasizes illness prevention, as opposed to emphasizing treatment of diseases.

Our focus is to create a space where one can retreat from the stress of the day while incorporating therapies to maintain and improve good health and wellness. We strive to help you “Live Well”.